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Welcome to MyDarkSky   

Effects of Light PollutionHave you ever seen the Milky Way?  Due to the increase in light pollution one fifth of the worlds population have lost the ability to see the Milky Way. Two thirds of the population of the US and Europe can no longer see the Milky Way. Most of the younger generation have never seen our view of the universe in all it’s glory due to the orange glow that covers most of our skies.  Many teenagers have never seen anything other than the Moon.    While truly dark skies are out of reach to  the majority it is possible to find areas closer to home where you can observe and enjoy the nights sky.

Use MyDarkSky to find your dark sky

The MyDarkSky project is committed to surveying light pollution and sky quality so you can find your dark sky.  Surveys are currently carried out using a Unihedron Sky Quality Meter.   To search for dark skies sites in your area click on SQM Map and start searching now.  Because Sky Quality Meters are limited we've also added 2 naked eye methods for surveying light pollution. Estimating the Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude (NELM) using Ursa Minor and Counting the stars within the constellation of Orion.  Seperate Maps displaying these results are also available on the Menu.


To purchase or to find out more information about the Sky Quality Meters please visit www.Unihedron.com.

Poor Lighting

What is light pollution?

Light pollution or skyglow is caused as light is scattered in the atmosphere by minute particles of dust or water. Light fittings which emit light above the horizontal are the main cause, although light reflected from illuminated objects and poorly directed floodlights do contribute to skyglow and spoil our view of the universe.

Our Service

Anybody can use our service without having to register.  But to add Data to our site we will require you to register with us.  Initially everybody will be able to add NELM and ORION data but if you wish to add SQM data you will need to contact us so we can enable this feature within your account.  This is a data quality feature so we can verify your ownership of a unihedron SQM device and will be quick and painless.